Label Management

Independent record labels have the unique ability to be agile – no matter what the circumstances. They are quick to adapt new strategies while the market changes at breakneck speed and are able to jump on new opportunities as they arise.

With that agility comes the need to have someone on your team who is able to ensure you don’t drop any balls along the way. Someone with an eye for detail who is able to maintain an overview of your catalog and release schedule.

Positive Subversion brings years of label management experience to the table. We have in-depth knowledge of international markets, have relationships with international DSP teams, and a network of PR options available to suit your every campaign.

We can take on the day-to-day running of your label so you can focus on executing your creative vision, giving your artists the best opportunity to succeed.

“We have had the good fortune of working with Siofra since early 2015 and she has been pinnacle in our development in Europe and abroad. Always with an artist-friendly approach, she’s able to coordinate our projects in the European marketplace being a conduit between us here in America & the distribution, retail, press & radio outlets that we deal with across Europe.”

Nate Nelson, Innovative Leisure

How We Work

We manage all day-to-day operations for your label, ensuring that you are no longer mired in micromanaging your team and can instead focus on big picture decisions. By delegating anything from gathering and submitting metadata to collecting content assets, or reporting on sales and trends to communicating with 3rd parties such as your distributor or PR team, we handle the efficient management and execution of your campaigns.

You make the calls. We execute them.

How We Can Help

  • Data-research into your label and roster and analyse where there are opportunities for growth
  • Create marketing plans for releases and / or product launches
  • Assist in finding a distribution solution that works best for your label
  • Running communications with distributors
  • Coordinate logistics, including: creating campaign timelines; running communications with your label service partner, your PR team, and any other 3rd parties involved
  • Create, track, and report on campaign budgets
  • Define, monitor and report sales targets
  • Project manage digital marketing strategies
  • Advise on international PR teams

Who Are We?

Founded in 2020 by Siofra McComb (!K7, The Other Hand, and AIM board-member) and the senior management of Motive Unknown, Positive Subversion is a project management and consultancy company with a specialist understanding of the international music industry. We pride ourselves in having a nuanced sense of the individual needs of each label, and with a firm knowledge of innovation in digital marketing we can help devise overall strategies specific to the artists and labels in our care.

We have worked with internationally renowned labels such as Innovative Leisure, Mass Appeal, !K7, and on campaigns for artists such as Run The Jewels, DJ Shadow, BADBADNOTGOOD, Peggy Gou, Nick Waterhouse, and more.

Interested? Get in touch to talk about your upcoming projects and receive a proposal catered to your needs.

Please contact Siofra at [email protected]